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Available nationwide.

Cryptonow voucher cards are available in over 4000 retail stores across Switzerland.

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It has never been easier to get started in the world of crypto. Buy your voucher card in a trusted retail shop near you.

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Find an official cryptonow retailer and choose a voucher card value between CHF 50 and CHF 500.
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Exchange your Swiss Francs into crypto – it’s easy and fast. No blockchain knowledge required.

Whether this is your first crypto purchase or your hundredth, it has never been easier to get started in the world of crypto with the cryptonow voucher. Exchange your Swiss Francs into cryptocurrencies in a fast and secure way. Activating your cryptonow voucher will only take you a minute, or maybe even less.

Safe and Sound

The secure way to buy and store your crypto assets. Fully regulated in Switzerland.

Cryptonow is a state-of-the-art solution to purchase and store your cryptocurrencies. The cryptonow solution is designed to provide the highest standards of security throughout the entire process: from purchasing your voucher card to storing your cryptocurrencies.

The new alternative asset class

A digital world needs digital currencies. Crypto is the natural development of monetary evolution.

The uniqueness of crypto assets is that they are fungible, durable, easily transferable and divisible. In contrast to money issued by central banks, the supply of a cryptocurrency is pre-defined and limited. For Bitcoin, the total number of coins in circulation will converge towards 21 million with a defined inflation pattern until the year 2140, making it a potential store of value similar to gold.


A new monetary system built on public blockchains.

Decentralization means that there isn’t a single point of failure, as identical records are kept across thousands of computers through a peer-to-peer network. Because it’s permissionless, it is also open to anyone — irrespective of their wealth or where they live. And, whereas a bank or a payment processing company can close the account of a customer, blockchains are censorship resistant and therefore a new way to store value in a decentralized blockchain network such as Bitcoin.

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